Part 2: From the Elections of April 1975 to the Close of the Revolution Tom Gallagher Tom Gallagher is Emeritus Professor of Politics at the University of Bradford. His book Europe’s Leadership Famine 1950-2022: Portraits of Defiance and Decay was published in 2023. He has published several books on modern Portugal and he is working on a […]

Escapism or Liberation? Portugal’s Landmark 1974 Coup is Recalled Part 1: To the Elections of April 1975 Tom Gallagher 50 years on from the coup of 1974 which toppled a durable regime of the authoritarian right and quickly led on to the chaotic departure from Portugal’s overseas territories, what happened and what remaining significance does […]

By Tom Gallagher, Latest book: Europe’s Leadership Famine: Portraits of Defiance and Decay, Scotview Press, 2023. Photo, Pedro Nuno Santos, present leader of the Left in Portugal and his predecessor António Costa António Costa’s eight years as Prime Minister of Portugal reached an ignominious end on 7 November 2023 when the justice authorities carried out […]